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Walking the streets of big cities such as London, Paris or New York is always a source of inspiration not only for those involved in fashion but also for those who follow the fashion. The various trends that we see reprocessed and reinterpreted on the fashion week catwalks, often are inspired by people who by chance we crossed in the street and that affect us not so much for their extravagance, but whether for their particular way of assembling accessories and clothing, creating a unique style, something that becomes easily recognisable. We are in front of the influencers, namely people who behind that dressing style is hiding an idea or a project; nothing is left to chance. The extent of how are received the signals that these people send out, is directly proportional to the spreading of a trend.



The term cool hunter appeared for the first time in 1997 in an article in the “New Yorker”, and indicates a person whose job is to go around the metropolis and incorporate signals that can translate into trends. It seems an easy task, but it is not. Whether this person is a free-lance or an employee of a fashion company, the cool hunter  of trends must, once grabbed these signals, study them from the point of view of sociology and anthropology, and then report them to the style office for which they work. It is the task of the latter to reinterpret and make them attractive for the fashion market. Let’s make a small example: one of the trends this season, which by the way JAJO used for this collection, is the scouting style, but certainly we will not see around men or women with short trousers and cravat, but we will notice colours, shapes and accessories that, once assembled, will take us back in our mind to the images of new explorers.



To ensure that a trend circulates and become fashion, we need other instruments such as the trend book, that fashion designers or fashion companies buy almost always in trade shows such as “Milano Unica “ or “Première Vision Paris“. It is a tactile and cognitive essential instrument for anyone involved in fashion. This bool gives valuable tips relating to the mood, the colours and lines of the season to programme.

Behind all this there is a team of specialists, who once analysed trends identified by cool hunters they turn them into real collectors of precious creative ideas. Often these are sold for an absolute fortune 18 months before and they include sketches, texts and colour charts indicating to insiders what people will like or what is going to be fashionable in a year and a half.



After taking a look at the fashion shows of the various designers who presented their collections on prestigious catwalks, we analyse some men and women styles who will be the trend this spring-summer and let’s “dose” them according to our physical appearance and personality.


One of the most enduring styles of fashion and particularly suitable for the spring season. It covers a range of garments such as shirts, t-shirts, pants, tops where stripes are the protagonists.


Bermuda and multi-pocket vest with khaki shades, accompanied by accessories such as backpacks and hiking shoes. Real uniform jackets belted at the waist and shoulder straps equipped with buttons. Green light to natural fabrics such as linen and canvas.


For years now that the sporty style is entered by force in the fashion industry.

Parka, tracksuits, leggings and accessories such as backpacks and fanny packs reflect a daily lifestyle, fast and flexible.

The 80’s.

Fashion often is a trip back in time and styles that seemed long gone are re-interpreted. Necklines, transparencies, rounded shoulders and a lot of pleats (especially that of some Japanese designers who gave us in the 80’s, such as Issey Miyake ).


Outfits that recall the classic pyjamas paired with sandals-slippers, comfortable and deconstructed shirts that we saw on the male catwalk and that the woman borrows to wear them with comfortable boots.


For her, romantic embroidery in soft tones or bright colour prints in which flowers are the stars. For him, petals and flowers blooming on pants and jackets.



The climbing of this colour continues which now is represented inevitable for a few seasons now. From light dusty pink to fuchsia, the shade used are many and re-confirms itself the new colour also for men who like to gamble.

Navy blue

A typical spring colour that easily goes with everything, and that acts as a master key for the summer.


For some, the real protagonist of this season. From pale shades for spring to those most heated for a summer full of life.

Orange and red

Typical summer colours found in many collections and with whom designers intend to give more energy to their collection.


Here the inevitable colours inspired by the earth and the natural elements. From beige to dove-grey up to white



It doesn’t matter whether the destination is the Gobi Desert or the sulphurous springs of Galanos in Tanzania , what matters is to set off in search of unexplored and wild places choosing new routes and new paths. Getting around with the essentials, aided by accessories that, when needed, become useful travelling companions: shoulder bags that turn into backpacks, cowl scarves and ponchos that protect from temperature swings, and sunglasses that protect from a light you are not used to. Everything is based around colours whose names evoke nature: bamboo, sack, jute, cocoa and mango.

The JAJO spring-summer 2017 collection is designed for “NEW EXPLORERS”, people who make travel a lifestyle.

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