Made in Italy: slow recovery, but we will make it.

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For Made in Italy it is a dark moment: we are going through a very difficult period, but we will make it. Someone compares it to the post-war period: great economic difficulties, obviously without forgetting all those who have left us forever. Seeing our cities deserted is very sad. The shutters lowered, the small artisans or small entrepreneurs halted without the possibility of selling their product on which they invested energy and money. 

Made in Italy. we will make it

All this saddens us in an immeasurable way, probably also because of our Mediterranean character which leads us to never isolate ourselves. No one predicted such a great catastrophe, it caught us all unprepared and each of us had to change our lifestyle.

COVID-19 the invisible enemy.

The Covid-19, now referred to it as if it were an acquaintance of ours, in addition to causing many deaths has had a disastrous impact on our economy. The recovery is likely to be very slow and painful for everyone. Especially for small businesses that try to spread an idea with the help of mind and hands. The only possibilities that are offered to display our products are temporary shops or foreign fairs where Made in Italy is appreciated. Unfortunately, some of us fashion designers-craftsman have had to give up on many initiatives that we had booked since January and which we have not been able to take advantage of. And in the meantime we are trying to “create” alternative templates- 🙂


We’ll make it

We look forward to the moment when we can start going out again and relish the taste of shopping (for those who obviously can afford it). We will begin to return to the shops and for shops to touch the real Made in Italy. Online sales will also resume, but I repeat, if we want to help ourselves, we should focus our interest on exclusively Italian products. 

Jajomadeinitaly with his staff thought of reprogramming the site, making it simpler, more suitable for this moment. You can buy both winter and summer products with offers that go up to 50%. We just have to wait, respect the famous #stay at home and still have a lot of patience. Those who can, work from home with famous smart working, some are dedicated to hobbies for which they have never had time, others enjoy “meeting” together with simple video calls. Of course, it’s not all rosy, there are some who are experiencing this “quarantine” very badly, also slipping into depression. The thing that hurts most is learning about the increase in violence against women. We hope that this “film” that we are experiencing will pass soon and that we will be able to return to a semi-normal life. Made in Italy: we will make it.

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