Jajo fall-winter 2017/18

The deforestation and pollution caused by man are just two of the causes that are leading us to a relentless alteration of the environment.
But the social habitat is in grave danger as well: honesty, integrity and sense of duty are becoming increasingly rare. And what about culture? Man is becoming fiercely obstinate with this as well. Are we heading for a slow destruction? Probably, but after every end there is a new beginning, a rebirth that will lead us to a renewed civilisation.
The new JAJO collection has taken shape in this climate, with accessories designed to cope with any kind of adversity. Technical and waterproof fabrics, aging leather and pure wool to protect oneself from the cold. Bracelets as identification marks and t-shirts to shout your slogan in silence.
Black is the dominant colour, to merge with the night; wineberry and army green to camouflage; beige to face the “new”.

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