JAJO Fall-Winter 2018-2019

Having the possibility to change, to transform whenever you so desire only to then return to your initial state without altering all that surrounds us is the desire of many. The new JAJO signature collection sets out from this concept of transformation, with a series of simple processes that nonetheless ensure the balance of the garments remains unaltered. Jackets, cloaks, waistcoats and scarves that are completely reversible, created in technical fabric and pure wool, allow the wearer to alter their look entirely with one simple operation. Even the bags, all made in genuine leather, can be transformed from shoulder bags to over-shoulder bags or backpacks, all in a few steps. Black and blue, accompanied by grape, beige, grey and dark brown are the “reassuring” colours for this season, enlivened by red and purple.

Originality and an everyday look remain a guarantee for those who purchase a JAJO product.

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