Jajo fall-winter 2022/23

The woman has always fought power and injustices with her own weapons; even a simple song can become a form of rebellion.

“The song of the washerwomen”, dating back to the 13th century, was born to protest against the failed promise by Alfonso D’Aragona to redistribute the land equally among the people.

The woman is strength and balance and from this concept comes the JAJO fall-winter collection, an urban style in which the modern is intertwined with the ancient: technical fabrics coupled with pure handcrafted merino wool; ancient images created by the painter Fabiana De Martino and reproduced on shiny fabrics. The man initially seen as a king, can only marginally “accompany” this strong and self-confident woman, thanks to whom a universal equilibrium will be re-established.

The color palette is winter, with a predominance of black and blue.

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