L’ove for taste and an aesthetic sense handed on by childhood memories, were the main reasons that led me to undertake a journey into the world of fashion. A difficult and tortuous trip, but full of surprises and unique experiences.

I worked as a freelance for various companies and my free spirit, which I always try to convey in my work, pushed me to always accept different challenges and experiences: designer of ready-to-wear for women and men, a researcher of new trends, a professor at the European Institute of Design in Rome.

After this trip which lasted about twenty-five, my suitcase is nearly full, but there is still a space there, ready to be filled by something new and it is completely mine. I decide to take on a new challenge conveying experiences, memories and notes: The JAJO clothing and accessories line has arrived, a line in which design goes hand in hand with ‘Made in Italy’ craftsmanship.
Everything that I design I do thinking of men and women who albeit like convenience, are also looking for something that can distinguish them in daily life.

Welcome to my new journey.

"No matter how many times I try an idea, the important thing is that there is the idea"

My skills stem from the fact I always call myself into question, from the challenges and experiences which help me each time to re-imagine myself on a professional level

Designer 90%
Textile researcher 90%
Illustrator 80%
Merchandiser 80%

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